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Sandy Bridge E Processors for Mac Pro Update, Coming on November 15

Written on September 10, 2011 by Lulu

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A report claims that Intel will be releasing a Sand Bridge E processor, which is suitable for the Mac Pro update on November 15, 2011.

Turkish site, DonanimHaber, suggests that will be releasing its high-end processors on November 15. While not said in the report, server class Xeon versions of those processors – which would be candidates for inclusion in an updated lineup – are likely to ship at the same time.

Other also suggest that the updated Mac Pro models might ship in early August, even though no suitable processors that are known to the public that is available for such refresh. It is noted last month that the rumored period of time came and went without even a single , and reviewed Intel’s roadmap that pegged suitable processors for a during the fourth quarter of 2011.

A launch for the processors on the 15th of November certainly suits within that window, and opens the door for to introduce new Mac Pros. has been known to receive early access to products from Intel for certain machines, these includes Mac Pros, and thus it is possible that the company could even introduce new Mac Pro models ahead of that date.

According to the list of Xeon Sandy Bridge E processors set to be released later this year, it seems likely that Apple will target the E5-2620, E5-2650 and E5-2670 for the dual-processor configurations of the Mac Pro — offering options of 12 or 16 cores in those configurations. Single-processor configuration would likely also be made available using other chips.

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