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Pre-Tokyo Game Show Press Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

Written on September 12, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Here’s your ultimate guide to the five gaming press conferences that are slated to be held at this week's Tokyo Game Show 2011!

The best way to become updated with the latest news on the video gaming industry is through attending its major events. And perhaps one of the much-awaited shows in the industry to date is the Tokyo Game Show 2011, which will kick off on September 15-18, 2011. Similar to other game expo/conventions, the TGS is used by different video game developers to introduce their upcoming titles and game-related devices.

Meanwhile, before the show opens its doors on Thursday, a lot of important events strive for your attention. Below are the pre-Tokyo Game Show events that are set to be held this week.

Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 (September 13, 12:00 noon)

UK: 4AM BST Tuesday 13th September
North America: 9PM PST (Monday, September 12th)
Australia: 1PM EST, Sydney Time (Tuesday, September 13th)

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for Nintendo. Several reports have suggested that there would be a lot of 3DS titles to be announced at the conference — including a new Yoshi side-scroller, Monster Hunter 3DS, a new Warioware, Etrian Odyssey 3DS, and Ace Attorney 5. Participants could also get fresh update on Nintendo’s new analogue stick to the 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 is also expected to announce the availability of eShop demos for titles like Super Mario 3D Land.

The conference will be streamed live on Ustream and Nico Nico.

Press Conference (September 14, 1:00PM)

11:00AM Sydney Time
4:00AM BST
8:00PM PDT and 11:00PM EDT (September 12)

Ahead of the TGS 2011 and a day after Nintendo’s gaming event, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will also be hosting their own press conference on Wednesday, September 14. There are no reports on what will be discussed on the said conference, though it is expected that the spotlight will be centered for the official release date of PS Vita.

The Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Press Conference will also be streamed online.

Press Conference (September 14, 2:00PM)

1:00PM Sydney Time
6:00AM BST
1:00AM EDT
10:00PM PDT (September 13)

The Namco Bandai Press Conference will be featuring additional details with regards to One Piece Musou, Dark Souls, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Armored Core V, and some Gundam titles. Participants could also expect to hear some Tales Series news and a Tekken showcase.

As of now, there are still no words if whether the event will be streamed online or not.

Press Conference (September 14, 8:00PM)

7:00PM Sydney Time
12:00 noon BST
7:00AM EDT
4:00AM PDT

Team Ninja’s upcoming action-adventure video game, Ninja Gaiden 3, will be playable at the event for the first time. The conference is said to highlight some news pertaining to the arrival of an extra platform and a special edition for the video game when it ships in early 2012. Team Ninja has also promised to reveal a new title at the conference, so participants must watch out!

The Tokyo Game Show 2011 (September 15 -16, open to industry only. September 17-18 open to public)

This year’s Tokyo Game Show is certainly the biggest gaming event to be held in Japan. Over 180 video game publishers and developers are expected to attend the show, and more than 750 new products will be shown off to 180,000 attendees across the globe. Each game company presents a unique booth where participants can play new titles. They will also be hosting stage shows, providing demonstrations and developer explanations.

Here are some of the game publishers that will be featured on Thursday’s TGS event:

Namco Bandai’s Tales Series Show – September 16, 1:00PM. That’s 12:00 noon Sydney time, 5:00AM BST, and 12:00 midnight EDT, but 9:00PM PDT on September 15.

Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Stage Show – September 15, 2:00PM. That’s 1:00 PM Sydney time, 6:00AM BST and 1:00AM EDT, but 10:00PM PDT on September 14.

– September 16, 11:30AM. That’s 10:30AM Sydney time and 3:30AM BST, but 10:30PM EDT and 7:30PM PDT on September 15.

’s first set of stage show – September 17, 10:30AM. That’s 9:30AM Sydney time and 2:30AM BST, but 9:30PM EDT and 6:30PM PDT on September 16.

– September 17, 12:00 noon. That’s 11:00AM Sydney time and 4:00AM BST, but 11:00PM EDT and 8:00PM PDT on September 16.

Johnny’s Zone of the Enders Stage Show – September 17, 1:00PM. That’s 12:00 noon Sydney time, 5:00AM BST, and 12:00 midnight EDT, but 9:00PM PDT on September 16.

Capcom’s second set of stage show – September 18, 11:45.. That’s 10:45 Sydney time, 3:45AM BST, but 10:45PM EDT and 7:45PM PDT on September 17.

Tokyo Game Show 2011


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