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Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011: A Quick Recap

Written on September 13, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The Nintendo's pre-Tokyo Game Show 2011 3DS conference is finally over. For those who weren't able to watch the show, you can read the quick rundown of the event below.

started the Tokyo Game Show 2011 season with a Conference that was hosted this afternoon in , revealing the upcoming Misty Pink handheld, a new Fire Emblem, the arrival of new titles — including ’s Tri G and 4, and many more.

  • Famous game designer and developer, , took the center stage, carrying a Zelda-branded sword and shield which he placed into a stand in the middle of the stage.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the 25th anniversary of Zelda and its ongoing concert series. He revealed a DSiWare remake of Four Swords — a GameBoy Advance title.
  • The developer presented a video reel of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which he noted would take players 100 hours to complete, and has been developed by 100 team members for almost five years.
  • The video features the protagonist Link falling, swimming, visiting different towns and fighting with an array of enemies. Link’s special blocks, thrusts, and slices were used in multiple ways to defeat monster’s unique abilities.
  • A collection of famous weapons was also highlighted on the video — including a fire hose, the griphook, the bow and arrow, and the beetle.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto discussed most of the game items and character interactions, resulting for him to reveal secret areas and items. The game’s bosses were also shown — including a four-legged spider-like creature that is made of lava, and a two-legged headless giant with a leaf-like texture.

Nintendo’s President speaks

  • After Shigeru Miyamoto left the stage, a short 3DS show reel was displayed showing Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, and Tekken titles.
  • Nintendo’s very own Satoru Iwata then took the stage and bowed deeply before the audience. He began describing how the Wii gets its success, and even highlighted some of the upcoming title releases: Dragon Quest X, Just Dance Wii, Go Vacation, a new Kirby, a Namco bandai Taiko drumming title, Skyward Sword, a Dragon Quest mini-game compilation, and a new PokéPark game called PokéPark 2: Beyond the World.
  • He made a noteworthy announcement regarding the Skyward Sword special edition that comes with a gold WiiMote and concert series soundtrack CD.

The 3DS

  • With regards to the 3DS, Satoru Iwata presented a chart highlighting its male (blue) and female (pink) users. The Wii and Nintendo DS are evenly split between the genders, while the 3DS is largely used by male players. In response to this, Iwata revealed the arrival of a new pink 3DS model — which is expected to draw in more female users.
  • Satoru Iwata announced that the new “Misty Pink” model will be released on October 20, with some built-in “girl’s” games.
  • The president also disclosed that the system might see numerous software upgrades soon — which includes a revamped 3D video capture, an overhauled eShop, and some changes to the Mii Plaza.
  • Iwata presented a short video of Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Mario Tennis and Paper Mario. The last two titles were set to be released on 2012, following Luigi’s Mansion 2.

3DS’ Upcoming Titles

  • Nintendo’s president then announced the 2012 releases. Mr. Iwata mentioned the upcoming Mario and Sonic and the Animal Crossing 3DS, which carries some WiFi-enabled features.
  • The president eventually asked the audience to watch a video, wherein some Miis appeared on a machinima love drama and an eerie wedding photograph. The Tomodachi Collection and Girl’s Mode, otherwise known as Style Savvy, were also presented on the video.
  • A soccer game was shown next, having 8-bit graphics, network play and community features. Iwata also revealed a new horror game, and mentioned extra details about the upcoming Fire Emblem title.
  • Series of videos have been rolled out as the president leaves the stage. The said videos highlighted most of the upcoming games that are slated to hit the 3DS including Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors Versus, Square Enix’ Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Gundam Age and SD Gundam G Generation 3D, Project Mira, Resident Evil Revelations, Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble, Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, Theatrhythm, Dragon Quest: Slime Rocket, Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater, and Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  • Satoru Iwata ended his presentation by recapping previous comments on 3DS’ upcoming upgrades, and introducing a mysterious cinematic.

Monster Hunter

  • Capcom took good advantage of Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 2011 3DS conference to reveal its Monster Hunter 3 G — a revamped version of the Monster Hunter Tri, which was the first to have underwater sequences.
  • A short gameplay footage has been displayed on the stage, showing the title’s detailed graphics and rapid combat.
  • The game’s producer then entered the stage to announce the official launching of Monster Hunter 3 G. The title is due for a December 10 release, alongside with the second circle pad peripheral.
  • Capcom debuted it next project, the Monster Hunter 4, which will be designed for 3DS only.
  • A video of the new game was also shown: A burly warrior fighting against a huge, wingless, dragon-like creature.
  • Mr. Iwata then appeared on the stage, bowing two times before the audience. After that, a second 3DS sizzle reel was displayed, featuring video clips of the newly revealed titles.
  • The session was closed with Nintendo airing new commercials for Monster Hunter 3 G.


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