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Google’s Wi-Fi Data Collection, Now with Opt-out Option

Written on September 14, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Google's Wi-Fi data collection now has an opt-out option for public Wi-Fi access providers.

announced that they will now enable providers of public Wi-Fi access to opt out of providing location data to services. The opt-out option will be available globe wide.

The search engine giant uses public to pinpoint mobile user’s location, together with GPS and cell tower data. This new policy is a response to criticism and Europe’s legal inquiries over the company’s collection — particularly by its cars.

While the furor has been centered in Europe, Google has been criticized world wide for its Street View cars’ collection of private Wi-Fi data used for location services. Co-founder, admitted that the amount of data scrapping was a mistake. Hence, the new policy is another carefully worded admission that the search engine giant’s previous moves on Wi-Fi data collection were too aggressive.

What do you think about Google’s Wi-Fi data collection for its location services? Sound them off at the comments.

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