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Category: Mobile Software

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 20 Android Apps in the US

Written on September 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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In their recently released mobile media rankings, Nielsen has unveiled the top 20 Android applications that are widely used in the U.S.

After monitoring the smartphone usage by using on-device tools, the Company has released their first for Android devices. The results of the rankings are not actually surprising, but it’s surely interesting.

The chart was divided into three columns: The overall active reach, the male active reach, and the female active reach. The top half of each column features six of the most popular apps to date: , Gmail, Maps, Search, YouTube, and Android Market. , Angry Birds, Adobe Reader and Words With Friends were also included on the top 20 apps.

In the being presented above, you can see that the Twitter was more largely used by women than men. Google+ also made its way on the three lists, which means that the new social network from Google has been utilized by numerous Android users. What’s more interesting in the results is that the Advanced Task Manager has managed to be a part of the list’s top half. This tool lets you monitor the running apps in your device, and helps you kill applications that might be hogging power and memory.

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