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Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 with Samsung Prototype

Written on September 14, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Last Tuesday, Microsoft offered an extended preview of its Windows 8 with Samsung's prototype tablet.

Microsoft’s announcements at the conference in Anaheim, California caused some buzz, prematurely heralding the downfall of ’s . However, the Big Red indicated that they will remain committed to their “No Compromise” strategy of providing full-featured Windows OS to .

In an effort to foster early development for the platform which is set to arrive next year, Microsoft gave the 5,000 attendees a prototype table that it co-developed with . The device, which is dubbed a Windows 8 , is a re-tooled version of ’s . It is an Intel i5-based tablet that is packed with Internet Explorer 10, apps created by Microsoft interns, 1.6GHz processor, 11.6-inch screen, front and rear cameras, HDMI and USB ports, and microSD and SIM card slots.

The companies also provided a charging dock with USB, HDMI, Ethernet ports, Bluetooth keyboard, and stylus pen. , on the other hand, offered a year of 3G service; though the free plan was capped with a 2GB of data per month. Moreover, the companies reminded that the Windows 8 Developer Preview is still a work in progress.

As demonstrated in last Tuesday’s conference, Windows 8 draws from Windows Phone 7’s unique tile interact for its Metro touch layer. The Big Red also confirmed its plans for a Microsoft Application Store — which is similar to Apple’s App Store. The “Windows Store” will provide ARM-based Windows 8 applications, and will also require submitted apps that supports Metro interface.

See the Windows 8 Developer Preview in action at the video posted below.

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