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Sony’s Pre-TGS 2011 Press Conference Round-Up

Written on September 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan just wrapped up its pre-TGS 2011 presser this afternoon. The company spent the time discussing most of the PlayStation Vita details.

Following Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press event in yesterday, also hosted their own conference today — highlighting the official details for its upcoming handheld device, the PlayStation Portable Vita. The core speaker throughout the entire event was the president of Computer Entertainment Japan, Hiroshi Kawano, and it was he who spilled the biggest revelations to the public.

Like Nintendo’s presser, Sony also focused on its handheld console. The media and other attendants of the event were finally given a launching date for the Vita, along with its pricing, data plans, and other additional info. Interestingly, there are also a lot of developers who came to show off the features and upcoming games for the anticipated PlayStation Vita.

Below are the major announcements that were discussed during the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Press Conference this afternoon:

– 51.8 million PS3 units, 71.4 million PSPs shipped globally.

– Two new PS3 colors (“Splash Blue” and “Scarlet Red”), coming to Japan.

will be released in Japan on December 17, 2011.

– WiFi-only model costs 24,980 yen ($325 and ₤207); 3G and WiFi variant will be 29,980 yen ($390 and ₤248).

– Japan pre-orders for Vita will start on October 15.

– NTT Docomo is the 3G carrier for Vita in Japan.

– PS Vita’s 20-hour prepaid plan costs 980 yen ($13 and ₤8); 100-hour plan will be available for 4,980 yen ($65 and ₤41).

– Numerous Vitas to arrive in Japan with 100 free data hours.

– The handheld comes with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Skype apps.

– Players can tweet or post Facebook updates while playing.

– PS Vita users can play music while viewing pictures.

– The Ultimate Marvel vs. 3 will be available on Vita’s launch. The game comes with online capabilities.

– Toro and Kuro have been added to Street Fighter X Tekken’s character line-up.

’ new Lord of Apocalypse and Army Corps of Hell are launch titles.

– Final Fantasy Type-0, coming to on October 27; Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available on PS3 in December. Both launching dates are for Japan.

– Final Fantasy X in HD targeted for PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

– Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, to be launched in Japan on November 2011.

– Metal Gear Solid HD Edition (MGS 2 and 3) announced for Vita in 2012.

– Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker supports data transfer between PSP and PS3 versions.

HD Collection (including ZOE 1 and 2) to arrive on 2012 for PS3 and PlayStation Vita platforms.

– SCEJ’s Masami Yamamoto presented the online features of Everybody’s Golf 6.

– 26 titles will be available at Vita’s launch.

– Most PSP downloads will be compatible with PS Vita.

– Sony, targeting to release 100 titles before Vita’s launch ends.


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