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Top Six TGS 2011 Game Trailers

Written on September 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Here are six of the best game trailers that were revealed during the pre-TGS 2011 press conferences.

Four gaming companies have successfully wrapped up their pre-Tokyo Game Show 2011 press conferences this week, showing off an array of promotional video for their upcoming titles. The Entertainment, during their event last Wednesday, has unveiled the first game trailer for Namco Bandai’s Tales of Innocence R and ’ Final Fantasy Type-0. has also managed to reveal most of its ’s anticipated titles, which includes ’s Monster Hunter 4 and the Resident Evil: Revelations.

Thus, in order to give you a quick recap of the anticipated games that were introduced during the four press conferences, GADG has collected six of the famous pre-TGS promotional trailers.

Resident Evil: Revelations

During the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 last Tuesday, Capcom revealed its new teaser trailer for 3DS Resident Evil: Revelations. The video highlights Rachel, as she investigates the boat where Jill later searchers for Chris.

Street Fighter X Tekken

The Street Fighter X Tekken title is expected to be available on ’s launch on December 2011, as announced during Sony’s pre-TGS presser. The trailer heavily features Rufus from Street Fighter 4, which means that he is possible to be included on the upcoming game. Sony also confirmed that Toro and Kuro has just been added to Street Fighter X Tekken’s character line-up.

Tales of Innocence R

: Namco Bandai has shown off their first pre-TGS trailer for Tales of Innocence R – a remake of the original game Tales of Innocence – which was first launched in 2007. The game, which is said to be the first Tales title that is slated for Sony’s PS Vita, features enhanced graphics, sounds, improved battle system, and comes with additional playable characters.

Monster Hunter 4

Nintendo has announced that Capcom is working on a Monster Hunter 4 game for the 3DS. A short trailer was shown during Nintendo’s pre-TGS presser, highlighting a burly warrior fighting against a giant, wingless, dragon-like creature.

Final Fantasy Type-0

The latest promotional trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 has been released at Sony’s pre-TGS keynote last Wednesday. It features the title’s revamped gameplay and cutscenes, along with the first ever preview of its theme song — Zero by Bump of Chicken.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

The Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is only one of the upcoming 3DS titles that Nintendo announced during its pre-TGS press event. A ten-minute promotional trailer was shown at the presser, highlighting a barrel-rolling helicopter destroying everything that has motors or guns.


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