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Microsoft BUILD: Windows 8 Wrap Up

Written on September 16, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Coming from Microsoft BUILD conference in Anaheim is a number of updates for Windows 8.

’s BUILD conference is still in full swing at the Anaheim Convention Center, with the 5,000 plus attendees mining the information on developing the upcoming tablets and PCs.

Here are just few of the interesting bits.

With Windows To Go, a user can now take the Windows 8 and install it with files and data saved on a USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive, plug it to any other PC and continue working.

Metro-style applications for Windows 8 must go through Microsoft’s malware check, and will be available through Windows Store. It is also reported that the company will take a 30% cut on apps available in the Windows Store. However, there were also rumors that the Big Red will do otherwise – at least in the beginning – to encourage developers to build more Windows 8 apps.

Microsoft is also anticipated to offer Windows 8 apps for phone and PC via download from the store. They are also expected to provide legacy application links, enabling developers to determine their own pricing and licensing policies for those apps.

One of this week’s big reveal is the Windows Runtime (WindowsRT), an application programming interface for developing and running Metro-centric applications for Windows 8. As written by Tim Anderson of ITWriting:

“WinRT is only useable from Metro applications. You cannot call WinRT from a Win32 application, nor vice versa.  think it is reasonable to assume that a future version of Windows which runs only WinRT is a possibility; and that Windows 8 on ARM will look a bit like that even though Win32 will still be there, but mainly out of sight; but I am speculating. Does that mean Win32 is now legacy? In a way, but such a huge legacy that for the moment we should think of Windows 8 as two platforms side by side.”

Microsoft is beefing back up its Windows Defender tool as a built-in solution to safeguard Windows 8 without being intrusive. In addition to this, The SmartScreen – which is built into the recent Internet Explorer releases – will be installed into the operating system.

Support for Windows 8 PCs and Tablets
Many of the same Xbox Live features on Windows phones like avatars, achievements and roaming saved states will be available on Windows 8 too. As written by Tom Warren of WinRumors: Async multiplayer functionality being built into Windows 8 “will allow Windows PCs, Windows Phone and Xbox 360 users to play against each other using multiplayer and matchmaking functionality. The support brings a new level of multiplayer gaming to Xbox Live once Windows 8 is available.”

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