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Google Propeller, to Compete Against Flipboard

Written on September 17, 2011 by Lulu

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Google is currently developing their own app called Propeller to compete against Flipboard.

is now developing its own alternative to , Zite and other curated news apps for . Nicknamed Propeller, details are vague but would make it a rare cross-platform app, serving both and iPad users. Not much is known about what it does from sources, but Rackspace’s Robert Scoble understood that it’s “mind-blowing good.”

The app is understood to be one part of a larger campaign of social apps and other related content. Propeller’s exact reason is still not known, even though it may have mutually beneficial elements for Google’s mobile and social efforts. At a minimum, it would likely help with the use of +1 and Google+ for sharing favorite articles, both with the general web and with friends.

It may also fill a wide gap in Android’s app portfolio. With the exception of occasional ports like , Android tablets were often cut out of the hot curated news app space. Flipboard is now an iPad exclusive and will only eventually reach Android.

Google attempted to snap up Flipboard in 2010, just as it was developing its reputation and became ’s iPad app of the year. It is reported that Flipboard would compete in the space whether an acquisition went through.

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