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Apple Prepares to Open ‘Nanjing East’ Retail Store this Friday

Written on September 19, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Apple is set to open its largest retail store in China this coming Friday!

Apart from opening its first retail store in Hong Kong later this month, has also announced their plans of commencing a new Nanjing East store in this coming Friday.

Several reports unveiled that Apple already put up its “curtain opening” promotional sign at the barriers surrounding the much-awaited store, confirming that a launch will be held soon. “We’re about to light up Nanjing Road. , Nanjing Road East,” the sign noted.

First publicized way back in February, the upcoming Apple retail store will be the third in Shanghai and fifth in mainland , and is expected to be the largest Apple store in the country. The Nanjing East store will be having five floor levels: A ground floor that is designed for sales, a second floor dedicated for support and training services, and three floors that are devoted for business customers and office space for Apple’s Chinese operations.

Shanghai has already featured one famous Apple retail store — the . It is the second shop that was opened in the entire country. What made the Pudong very iconic is because of its cylindrical glass entrance with glass stairs that leads to a below-ground store underneath the city’s central plaza. The company has noted that the glass panels being used in the shop are the world’s largest curved glass panels, and the result of the technological advancements that Apple is utilizing in most of their projects.

The new five-story retail store is located in the Henderson building on East Nanjing road — Shanghai’s most famous shopping place.

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