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Tokyo Game Show 2011 Quick Recap

Written on September 19, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The four-day TGS 2011 event unveiled new title releases, and interesting game developer's announcements.

The Tokyo Game Show, which was held annually in , is one of the two largest video game expos/conventions being hosted outside the U.S. The other event is the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The TGS is actually designed to be the best place where game developers from different parts of the globe come together to show off their upcoming games and even console devices.

This year’s TGS event was said to be a success. It was able to host numerous Japanese developers’ game revelations, announcements, and declarations. Aside from this conference, there are also pre- pressers that were held last week — including the ’s press conference, wherein most of the upcoming 3DS titles were revealed, and ’s pre-TGS keynote, which unveils the official launching date for .

It’s undeniably true that the Tokyo Game Show has always been the home to a number of noteworthy game announcements. That said, GADG has put up a brief recap of TGS 2011 for those who weren’t able to attend the actual event.

– Ni no Kuni, an RPG game developed by Level-5, to be released on early 2012.

– Persona: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena gets free game trial and video footage.

– Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come with a PS3 console bundle. The game is set to be released on December 15th in Japan, and in America on January 31st 2011.

announced a Final Fantasy X remake for PS3 and the PlayStation Vita.

– Grasshopper Manufacture’s Kinect game, officially unveiled as “Diabolical Pitch.” The gameplay features pitching and batting baseballs at demons.

– Garnet Lee hinted that Project Draco for Kinect “will be plugging along swimmingly.”

– Additional details about PlayStation Suite’s appearance on computers and the like.

– Sony’s PlayStation Vita due to be released in Japan on December 17th. Numerous launch titles, announced.

– The upcoming installment for the Devil May Cry franchise gets a new game trailer.

– Street Fighter X Tekken will be featuring a new Pandora Mode set of desperation strikes.

– Aside from Mario, Zelda and Kirby’s appearances, Nintendo didn’t announce anything exciting during the event; but they’ve managed to present series of clips and videos for their previously announced products.

– The much-awaited 3DS Slidepad made an appearance at the Capcom’s booth. However, the device was not available for test plays.

– Sonic Generations will add extra cast members.

– Neku, the protagonist of The World Ends With You game, makes a cameo of his own in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

– Yoichi Wada, head of Square Enix, talks about the possibilities of cloud gaming.


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