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Five Interesting Facts About Windows 8

Written on September 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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GADG listed five of the good-to-know things about Microsoft's much-anticipated OS -- the Windows 8.

Windows 8, ’s upcoming installment to its family of operating systems, just had its formal debut at the BUILD conference in Anaheim, California last week. During the event, the company showed off most of the impressive features of the new OS, such as the Metro interface, support for touchscreens, a revamped speed performance and a new for direct app downloads.

But which of those features describe Windows 8 best? Take a look at the short list below and see the five major elements of Microsoft’s next-generation OS.

1. Windows 8 is said to be a very versatile OS because it could work not only on personal computers, but also on laptops, and netbooks. In order to perform well on computers, Microsoft has designed the Windows 8 for devices and on ARM-based processors. The ARM technology, for your information, runs most on today’s smartphones and tablets. Even the iPad 2’s Apple A5 includes a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU.

That said, Windows 8 will work well on almost any device you put it on. It even works with certain devices that don’t have an Intel, AMD or ARM processor.

2. One of the best features of Windows 8 is its new Metro Interface. It has a similar tile layout like the one being installed in Windows 7, though, you could use your mouse and keyboard. It is optimized for touchscreen devices too.

3. Windows 8 takes pride in having a faster and more improved performance over its predecessors. Its memory tracks were minimized, the boot time was reduced, and the Metro interface is now able to launch apps in just a blink of an eye. The next-generation OS also provides support for USB 3.0 and Hyper-V.

With this outstanding feature, the Windows 8 will be as fast as iOS and .

4. In order to battle Apple’s iOS App Store, Microsoft has also added an app store (“Windows Store“) to its upcoming Windows 8 OS. The arrival of this new feature is expected to provide more business opportunities for application developers. Perhaps it would serve as a good way for developers to build Metro-style apps that could possibly sell well on Microsoft’s Windows 8.

5. Windows 8 will come with a — a feature which allows the system to shut down and start faster through the use of the “advanced hibernation functionality.” It could even store the system’s components while the device is still being shut down, and is also capable of creating “Portable Workspace” which allows Windows 8 to be installed in USB storage devices.

As rumored, Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS will arrive sometime in 2012.

  • Denny Grossman

    All sounds terrific!  Microsoft is staying on the cutting edge with this.  They have the resources in knowledge and funds.

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