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Google+ Opens to the Public

Written on September 21, 2011 by Adam Eve

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After three months of being "by invitation only," Google+ is now open to the public!

The Internet’s newest social networking site – + – has finally opened to the public, boasting more than 20 million users. The new social network is based on Circles – like friends, family and colleagues – who share something in common. That way, users can easily share updates to a specific group of people, without the awkward gaffe popularized by .

Other than going public, Google also released a handful of to “bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing,” as written by Vic Gundotra — the search engine giant’s senior vice president of engineering.

, Google+’s version of live video chats, enables users to include multiple people for a face-to-face conversation. Moreover, users can have their own brand of public broadcasting via “ on Air.” And when the conversation runs dry, click “Try with Extras.” With this feature, users can share their computer screen or whatever is in display. Moreover, all public post in Google+ is now searchable. In addition to this, Google renamed “Huddles” to “.”

Do you have a Google+ account? What are your impressions with the new social networking site?

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  • Alexander Thornade

    Personally, I’m really impressed! I’m a huge fan of Google +!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ai Kawamura

      Glad to hear that you’re now a fan of Google+. Haha! :D

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