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15 Fun Facts About Google+

Written on September 22, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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”Our goal with Google+ is to make sharing on the web like sharing in real life, as well as to improve the overall Google experience" --- Larry Page, Google founder and CEO.

As you already know, Google+ is the newest member in the ever-growing family of social networking services. It went live on public just recently, but has been in a trial for the past 90 days, sending out limited invitations to users as it hones its service. For a short period of time, this latest social site from Google has undeniably given a tremendous impact and influence to most users.

Thus, in order to show you a detailed rundown of what is happening around Google+, GADG has put up a list of the 15 fun and interesting facts about Google’s social extension.

1. In just one month, Google+ has received over 26,000,000 registered users.

2. With a high signing ratio, Google+ could become the second most popular social media site, beating and LinkedIn.

3. founder and CEO – – joined Google+ just after its launch, and became the site’s top 1 user with more than 485,286 followers in circles (he is following 0 people).

4. Larry Page, Google founder, follows Zuckerberg with over 290,061 friends in circles.

5. June 29th, China – afraid of the capabilities of Google+ – blocked the site with a huge firewall system.

6. Users with accounts could get unlimited photo storage on Picasa.

7. On July 16, Google+ became the 42nd most-visited site in the U.S, and 638th in the world.

8. Google+ offers three gender options: Female, Male, and “OTHERS.”

9. Google+ has 72% male users, 28% females, and 20% others. Moreover, 29% of the users are engineers by profession.

10. 50 percent of the males are hoping to find female users.

11. The Google+ network was developed under the code name “Emerald Sea.”

12. Each Google+ user has a 5000 maximum friend limit.

13. Google Plus comes with a video chat feature, known as ‘’ — in which up to ten people could participate in a single video call.

14. 55% of the site’s traffic comes from USA, and 18% from India.

15. Google+ is mostly visited by adults with age bracket between 25-34.

To join Google+, click this.


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