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Final Fantasy XIII-2, Heading to New York Comin Con 2011

Written on September 22, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Get ready for this year's New York Comic Con, as Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be there.

Other than attending the , will also hold a panel for their much-awaited . The said game is set for a January 2012 release, and it appears that will be the last place that the title will see the public eye. As stated in the panel information below:

“East Meets West: Direction for a Worldwide Audience”. The panel will consist of a guided presentation of FFXIII-2’s direction, followed by a discussion with an Director working on a top-tier North American RPG. The panel will close with the reveal of a collaborative project.”

The Final Fanatsy XIII-2 panel will be on October 14 at 10:45 AM at the MTV Theater 1A10. The New York Comic Con 2011 will kick off on October 13 – 16 at the Javits Center.

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  • Mario

    13-2???………HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……………………….(Has a stroke laughing at what a joke that is) .Don’t own & get super disgusted that TO BE CONTINUED means there will be A GOD DAMN 13-3 to the pile of shit 13.What a total joke.Enix.You are a total joke.Soft was epic producing epic.Your just it’s destroyer.A total joke.I now feel like a big loser being a fan of Final Fantasy with all the fans you’ve put off including my self over your jokes & what you’ve done as Enix.

  • Mario

    13 was a pile of shit.You want me to sum it up.I’m Lightning I beat people,I’m Hope I wanna kill Snow,I’m Sahz I wanna kill Vanille,I’m Vanille I’m the most childish & I’m annoying.To sum it up faster.The CHARACTERS ARE VERY ANNOYING.Fighting,beating,screaming at each other will be like a constant.Imagine having a party of Steiner’s from FF9.NO THANK YOU!The fighting system ARE YOU WELL?Your leader can’t die or game over,you can only control the leader,the auto pick attacks feels like your as limited to things to do less than Mystic Quest.The accessories are a total joke.Wow such limited spots and not even 30% of the attribute wow…Oh wait not.The music?More mediocre than 10-2.Lastly you can’t go back to any areas you pass.An Example would be FF7 Dirge Of Cerberous.13-2???And now obviously a 13-3…I wanna have a stroke laughing so hard!Disgusted and put off,yet again that’s all I see out of FF fans in forums,so therefore it ain’t new to me.

    Only thing I’ll give about 13.The story is great and I love how it feels like it continues and continues.That’s  all and no joke!Every thing else I laugh to death.13-2 & 13-3 HRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  • FFfan no more

    Enix Enix Enix.Seriously take your meds & go read what people think of you since your merger.As in take your meds,I don’t mean crystal meth & crack with rubbing alcohol.Figure out your a god damn joke to people and your Final Fantasy Fans.FF13 was bad & the sequel makes what they did to 10-2 look more legendary than every game Soft made (FFX & down).The story Ohh my god.That’s like putting a story in a blender & not ever knowing what the fuck is going on.AND NOW A OBVIOUS TRILOGY!!!Fuck you Enix.Learn how to create a fucking Final Fantasy game and not utter fucking jokes.Scrap this fucking shit and don’t even think about it.Scrap the fucking shit Kingdom Hearts.Or better yet,best of all.How about for the sake of all FF fans.SCRAP YOUR FUCKING SELVES!!!What the FUCK are you seriously doing Enix.

    I wonder…Kingdom Hearts.I mean are they seriously shitting us.I wonder what would seriously happen if Activision created a Sesame Street Call Of Duty series.Then made people run around with a pistol and a knife for the rest of their games with annoying characters,mediocre music,poor story lines HINT HINT!!!Well that’s what your pretty much doing to FF you bunch of fucking morons of Enix.I guarantee once people find out if Activision was that delusional and totally dumb.People would freaking freak & flip the F out and probably not even want to support COD anymore the very same way people no longer want to support FF.Dumb,Just absolutely dumb is what you’ve become.That’s my Final Final blody Fantasy bloody finally.(Square Soft Games)FF6,FF7,FF8,FF9,Chrono Trigger,Chrono Cross=Epic.FFX was legendary.Every thing about FFX is the best of everything.That’s a dream that surpassed what I would expect out of a best.(Then they change to Enix)10-2 was great but why the total irrelevant story which pissed so many off.I loved playing as Yuna in the sexiest cloths & the side quests.Then there’s 12 and up,Kingdom Hearts,Dissidia.It’s like wow,am I hallucinating that a company once best is now a utter joke.That merger is by far the most dumbest Idea I ever heard of a gaming franchise do.I’ve had enough of this.Enix has got to go.  

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