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Windows 8 to Arrive in Late February

Written on December 04, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Sources predict the launch of Windwows 8 will happen in a couple of months.

Tech website The Next Web mentioned that will be seen by the public come late February. hasn’t picked an official date for the launch of their latest product but many are guessing it will happen early 2012. There are others who doubt the one rumor that might hit stores shelves by next year’s holiday season.

To get a glimpse of the workings of Windows 8, install the Developer Preview. However, this should be done in a clean install or virtual machine. Experts who already tested the new Windows said that it lacked several key features like an e-mail app.

Many anticipate the arrival of Windows 8 because of its redesigned user interface which Microsoft refers to as “Metro-style”. It can accommodate and tough screens.

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