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StumbleUpon Opens More Outlets for Exploration

Written on December 07, 2011 by R. Cruise

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StumbleUpon is building more avenues to bring more specific results.

The upgrades were presented last Monday and its aim is for its users to not wait too long for search results. Starting this week, when you use , you shall be presented with specific brand names instead of general topics from various websites.

Also, there are more than 250 celebrities and brands with their very own StumbleUpon channels. These companies include Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, AOL, and many more.

Another innovation is the “explore” option which makes user find topic with just a quick search. “People are still going to experience serendipity and surprise on StumbleUpon, but they now they are going to have more control,” StumbleUpon CEO and co-founder Garrett Camp mentioned.

StumbleUpon also came up with a new logo. It is now in a glaring hue of reddish-orange.

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