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NYPD Arrests 141 People for Trafficking Stolen iPhones and iPads

Written on December 17, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Police arrested 141 people in a sting operation in New York City for alleged trafficking in stolen iPhones and iPads.

NYPD have announced the arrest of 141 people in a successful sting operation against trafficking in stolen iPhones and . The suspect whom most were identified as retailers, were arrested for knowingly buying stolen electronic and charged with criminal possession of stolen property.

“The phone’s popularity is indisputable: During a single month last spring, five of the seven phones stolen from subway riders in Manhattan’s First Precinct were -made.” An informant said in a recent report made by The Times.

The arrests were made in different business establishments such as convenience stores, barber shops and even food establishments like pizza parlors where merchants offered to buy the goods for $50 to $200.

The sting operation which the police called a “two prong” approach began on Tuesday and targeted both the thieves and the merchants that trafficking in stolen goods. The New York Police Department made the arrests in an effort to solve the rising cases of handheld electronic device related robberies.

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