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Facebook will Launch Actions Very Soon

Written on January 06, 2012 by R. Cruise

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Actions is the last element in Facebook’s hassle-free sharing capability.

The tech site VentureBeat shared the latest about Facebook’s effort to interlock various sharing options into one through its social network.

is the on the last stage of testing and checking. Sources familiar with the matter said that this new feature could be launched any day now.

This is part of Facebook’s new Open Graph which was introduced last September during the f8 developer conference. The Open Graph has three elements: , and Actions. The first two elements have been already unveiled to the users.

Actions is sorted out to “Read,” “Listen” and “Watch” Actions. You can easily see on the Timeline or Ticker the latest track listened to by your friends or the articles read by most people on Facebook. These pieces of information are automatically posted to the Ticker or Timeline.

Actions will be used to documents your favorites across the web. These Actions are determined by third-party developers. Facebook already instructed developers to roll out their ideas by this month.

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