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More 3G or 4G Capable Phones will be Sold this Year

Written on January 08, 2012 by R. Cruise

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Forecaster is guessing a value of more than 50 % of mobile phones.

Jake Saunders, vice president of said that “As the festive cheer of the holiday season dies away, the mood among handset vendors remain quietly confident regarding 2012. The outlook will yield growth in the order of 8%, netting 1.67 billion handsets shipped worldwide by the end of 2012. Particularly notable is for the first time, and handset shipments will capture more than 50% of total handsets shipped.”

In addition, ABI Research said that Samsung is on its feet to push its devices into emerging markets while is keeping an eye in Brazil, South America and China. “North America may only represent 15% of feature and smartphone units shipped globally, but due to the high proportion of high-end smartphone sales, it constitutes 40% of total sold by value. It underscores what is at stake in the patent battles between , Samsung, Motorola, , HTC, , and even British Telecom,” Kevin Burden vice president and practice director, mobile devices said in a statement.

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