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Samsung Introduces Super OLED TV

Written on January 11, 2012 by R. Cruise

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Welcome the amazing 55-inch Super OLED TV from Samsung.

You’ll agree that any device with an is sure to deliver the most vibrant and sharp images possible. What more if you put in a television? This is just what Samsung did.

The Samsung Super OLED is made from a single sheet of glass. The OLED pixels consist of self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which are placed directly to the display panel. OLED display offers images better than LED, has less motion blur and less bulky. Samsung says that the Super “appears like a framed piece of luxurious floating glass.”

Other features of the Super OLED are camera, dual-core processor, voice activation, hand-gesture activation, dual microphones and on-screen applications.

No final words yet about the pricing and release date of the Super OLED. In the meantime, you should start saving your money now.

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