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King of the Video Game in 2011: Xbox 360

Written on January 15, 2012 by R. Cruise

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Xbox 360 sales of 2.7 million units toppled all its competitors.

celebrated another milestone on its products. This time for the sales which reached 2.7 million units in 2011; this value outsold both PS3 and Wii.

Based on statistics, Xbox 360 sold 1.7 million units in December and contributed to almost half of December’s total sales on games, consoles and accessories. Microsoft said that “This marks the tenth consecutive month Xbox 360 has held more than 40 percent of the current-generation console market share, and twelfth straight month Xbox 360 was the top-selling console in the U.S.”

Another retail data from the NPD Group that Xbox360 is the fastest-selling console of the year accounting for 49% of consumer retail expenditure and $6.7 billion in total sales. Microsoft added that the worldwide sales of Xbox already reached 66 million units, capturing 16 million Kinect sensors as well as 40 million Xbox LIVE paying and non-paying members.

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