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Will Apple Present the iPad Textbooks this Week?

Written on January 17, 2012 by R. Cruise

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A user-friendly TV is not the only thing Steve Jobs have in mind before he passed away.

Several reports are suggesting that is set to introduce a new product at the press conference to be held on Thursday. The company hopes that this fresh innovation will redefine the use of textbooks in schools.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Apple will unveil a new digital textbook product this coming Thursday. This new platform will serve as a workplace for publishers to created interactive educational materials that can support.

One of Apple’s partners is popular book publisher McGraw-Hill, which has been working with company since June.

According to the author of Steve Jobs official biography, Walter Isaacsson, Jobs had been meeting with various publishers and thought that textbooks must be tailored to each student; more digital and interactive plus able to provide feedback in real time.

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  • Ivih Hartley

    It’s about time that textbooks will be converted to iPad textbooks. Would be more fun it it’ll be interactive.

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