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Category: Hardware

Epson Unveils the MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector at iWorld 2012

Written on January 31, 2012 by R. Cruise

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The first-ever Epson product aimed to be used together with iOS devices.

occupied a large area on the second floor where the is held to off the . The company has been recognized as a maker of imaging products but it is their first time to launch a project with an iOS device in mind. The projector is designed with a dock where a user can plug in the or the iPhone.

Epson will release two versions of the printer. Once is priced at $799 while the other has a price tag of $699. The difference between the two versions lies in the video support and lumes. The more expensive model will output 720p video at 2800 lumens while the other one supports 540p video at 2200 lumens. Aside from , any other video formats like RCA, s-video, VGA, and HDMI is supported by the newest Epson projector.

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