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New iPad Has Improved Battery Life

Written on March 10, 2012 by Charles Bass

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New iPad has a better battery capacity compared to the iPad 2

CEO Tim Cook showcased the ’s improved battery capacity during its official unveiling, last March 7.

The next generation Apple slate is powered by a 11,666 mAh battery, which has a longer battery life, dramatically increasing the battery capacity by 70% , way better compared to the 2. The new with its new features like 4G LTE connectivity, a Retina display, and a powerful Apple A5X processor, indeed needs a bigger power source.

It’s so amazing that Apple was able to increase the battery capacity without increasing the weight or size of the batteries.  Consumers for sure, will expect to see a better battery life in the future versions of the iPhone, assuming that it will carry the same great features as the new iPad.

Hats off to the Apple team!

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