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New iPad Users Complain of Overheating Problem

Written on March 20, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Numerous reports of the new iPad's overheating problem posted in Apple's discussion board

After enjoying good reviews after its release last March 16, numerous complaints of the new ’s overheating problem have been reported in both the MacRumor forums and discussion boards. Articles regarding this problem have also been posted in popular tech sites like Gizmodo, CNET and The Next Web.

Complaints like these were posted in Apple’s discussion boards:

“Mine is a 64 with WIFi and LTE – LTE not hooked up yet – got hot enogh that I measured with infared thermometer and it was 117 degree after 10 minutes – my little boy says its too hot to hold – (Great !) but seriously its not comfortable and I will be returning to the store”

“My 64gb, wifi/LTE new ipad is 96.8 degrees currently (and must have crafty artificial intelligence because it’s as if it KNEW I’d brought out my laser temperature scanner and cooled down for reading). It has been very hot to hold, lower left side, since first use. I’ll continue to monitor with scanner…”

This extreme heat may be blamed to its upgraded features like it retina display, larger battery and 4G LTE chip.

As of now, Apple has not released any statements to address this issue.

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