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Top 5 Travels Apps for Your iOS Device

Written on May 18, 2012 by Lulu

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If you're looking to travel locally or out of the country, it is best for you to equip your iPhones and iPad with useful apps that will make your life easier during your trip.

Are you planning to go out of the country or backpacking in the countryside? Well before you organize your trip, it is wise for you to load your favorite iOS device with useful travel apps that will help you enjoy your time at your chosen location. Consult an interactive map, choose restaurants and hotels based on reviews and prices, learn a new language and  just have fun traveling!

Here are the Top 5 Free Travel Apps for your iOS Device:

#5 TripIt – Travel Organizer
Price: Free

Plan and organize your future trip with . You’ll never have to go through your pile of paper itineraries ever again. links your email account and picks up every confirmation number that comes in your inbox.  This app instantly recognizes reservations from 3,000+ booking sites including cruises, restaurants, concerts and more. Let it be your personal secretary and have a hassle free travel!



#4 TripAdvisor Offline City Guides
Price: Free

Are you planning on jetting off to the city of your dreams and have no idea where to eat and stay? Well fret no further because is here to guide you. Search for restaurant, attraction and hotel reviews with this wonderful app. It has a “point me there” option that guides you and shows you the location, once you have selected a restaurant or attraction. It makes use of your phone’s GPS and Compass that guides you to a place once you select it.


#3 Google Translate
Price: Free

If you’re somewhere foreign and having difficulties expressing yourself because of language barrier, then this app is for you! Translate helps you translate short texts into 64 different languages. For most languages, you have the option to translate by speaking the text instead of typing it. Translations are displayed in full screen mode to make it easier for others nearby to read.


#2 EveryTrail
Price: Free

This GPS app will guide you on an easy-to-read map as you walk, providing street names, a compass, audio guides, POI’s, and details of your average speed, elevation and duration. It also allows you to share your adventures with friends by uploading directly from your phone to Facebook, Twitter and .com. Take along over 400,000 trips from other global travelers that will inspire you on your next adventure—and guide you along the way.


#1 Skype
Price: Free

With Sype, distance is not an issue. Call, video call and instant message anyone else on for free, all you need is a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. Save on long distance calls or texts to your contacts or any phone number, with ’s low rates. Keep in touch with your loved ones and send them your love, wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

  • AlyR

    Great read! TripIt and Google Translate are two travel apps
    I swear by when I go away on business with my job at Dish! As far as the others
    go, I have not tried them out before, but definitely will before my next trip! Entertainment
    is something I must have with me on the go as well, during long wait times in
    airports and such, so another app I swear by is Dish Remote Access. I use it as
    a time killer for layovers, since it lets me view all of my favorite shows from
    back home on my phone, live or recorded, no matter where I am in the world. What
    about you, do you have any entertainment apps you would recommend?

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