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Apple Owns High Percentage of Smartphone and Tablet Traffic

Written on May 27, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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A report from Chitika, claims that 20% of web traffic came from smartphone and tablet users

According to an Analysis made by , an online advertising network, mobile browsing now comprises a high percentage of the in U.S. and Canada.

Around 20% of the web traffic in U.S. and Canada can be attributed to mobile browsing, which is composed of 14.6% smartphone users and 5.6% users. They also found out that a great percentage of mobile browsers are enthusiasts. 95% of the web browsing traffic are made through devices, 72%  is composed of the usage of , while the remaining 26% are users.

The study also show that Windows Phone cause a third as much traffic as Blackberry devices. 79.8% of web traffic are still accounted from desktop users, with the 85% composed of Windows machines and 13 percent are Apple Mac users.

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