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New App Screens Mental Illness

Written on May 30, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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App WhatsMyM3, contains survey that you can take to assess current mood and tell if your at risk of having a mental disorder.

The app called WhatsMyM3, was created by a team to screen for possible mental disorder.

It gives out a that allows you to assess your current mood and give out a result that tells if you’re at risk of having a mental illness. It can tell if you have a high risk of having mental disorders like , anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic disorder.

A psychiatrist who loves this app said:

“It helps give you a normative sense of what’s in bounds and out of bounds [for mental .] That can be helpful for anybody who’s curious about or worried about how they’re doing.”

You can get this app for $2.99 at the App Store for your iPhone, and devices. You can dowload it for free at

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