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New App Warns user of Incoming Mean Messages

Written on June 12, 2012 by Lulu

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Android app named “Stress @ Work”, makes use of color codes to warn people of reading nasty messages sent via Facebook, Twitter or text.

Computer scientists from the have created a mobile phone app that can predict the tone of a incoming messages and warns people before they read it by using color codes.

The app called, “Stress @ Work” makes use of different colors to prepare people from the shock of reading nasty messages.

Polite messages are color-coded green, while negative messages are colored red and neutral messages, blue.

Senior lecturer said that the main objective the apps was to “ensure that people are made aware of when they will receive negative content, so they are able to manage their stress in the best possible way.”

Gaber added:

“Whether we are reading a worrying social media news story or a warning email from our manager, messages can upset mood and increase stress level, just as good news and encouraging emails can cheer you up. It is important that the user attempts to take an action in order to not get stressed, especially if this may affect the individual’s performance at work and/or their behaviour at home.”

The “Stress @ Work” app will be available for free download through Play by the end of June.

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