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Self-Making Bed, Out in the Market [Video]

Written on June 16, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Spanish furniture company OHEA, has invented an electronic bed that makes itself after you get out of it.

Making the bed after getting up will no longer be a daily chore with, ’s Smart Bed.

OHEA, a Spanish furniture company has invented an that boasts of an automatic system that is activated three seconds after the last person gets out of the bed.

The Smart bed features “mechanical arms extend on each of the sides to grab the edges of the duvet, while a set of rollers slowly smooth down the bed. At the same time levers then lift and straighten the pillows.” The bed can be made up just 50 seconds.

The bed won’t fix after itself if there is a person is still in bed. Accidents are avoided because the automatic system will only be activated as soon as the occupant has gotten up and left the bed unmade.

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