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Interactive LED Helmet Concept Created [Video]

Written on June 22, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The "LumaHelm" helmet lets bikers signal with their heads.

Wouter Walmink, Alan Chatham and Floyd Mueller from the at in Melbourne, have developed a helmet concept that is unlike the traditional bikers helmet.

They have created an innovative helmet design called , a helmet that is made up of 104 .  It has a “built-in accelerometer” that measures motion and allows the user to control the helmet through head movement, generating different light signals, displayed and mapped on the helmet.

The helmet’s LED strips are positioned evenly and linked together. Each light can be controlled individually because it is hooked up to an Uno microcontroller board.

The LumaHelm helmet features an interactive display that allows communication and expression. It prioritizes the of its wearer, in a number of activities like cycling and skateboarding.

Check out the videos below:

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