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Category: Technology

Ford’s Traffic Jam Assist system Offers Hands-free Driving

Written on June 28, 2012 by Lulu

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Ford's new technology features an automated driverless mode system that automatically drives your car when stuck in traffic

One of the worst situations for a driver is to be caught in a . Your feet are aching and you just can’t wait to take a break. With ’s upcoming , there is now hope.

This system features an automated mode system, when switched on it drives your car automatically by “accelerating and braking according to the traffic ahead.”

, an engineer at Ford, explained that “Traffic Jam Assist could make unavoidable traffic jams less stressful and less tiring for the drivers who must negotiate them.” Studies show that drivers spend 30% of their time in a traffic jam.

Other car brands like Volvo and Volkswagen have already made use of this . Driverless vehicles will soon become mainstream.

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