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Category: Technology

Ford’s Traffic Jam Assist system Offers Hands-free Driving

Written on June 28, 2012 by Lulu

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Ford's new technology features an automated driverless mode system that automatically drives your car when stuck in traffic

One of the worst situations for a driver is to be caught in a . Your feet are aching and you just can’t wait to take a break. With ’s upcoming Assist , there is now hope.

This system features an automated mode system, when switched on it drives your automatically by “accelerating and braking according to the traffic ahead.”

, an engineer at Ford, explained that “ could make unavoidable traffic jams less stressful and less tiring for the drivers who must negotiate them.” Studies show that drivers spend 30% of their time in a traffic jam.

Other car brands like Volvo and Volkswagen have already made use of this technology. Driverless vehicles will soon become mainstream.

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