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Phone App Stops the Broken Hearted From Calling Their Exes

Written on July 06, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Phone app, Guaraná Antarctica’s Ex-Lover Blocker, helps people to get over a bad break up

Have you been heartbroken? Are you tempted to speak to your ex who made you cry and just made you lose all your self worth. Then, fret no more! A can help you rebuild your life and get over your ex.

Ad Agency, Brazil, has created the mobile app, Guaraná Antarctica’s . This app has the ability to intervene by sending an alert to your selected and call for emotional , when ever you attempt to call your ex. If you persist to call your ex this app will then post a public status update to your Facebook to show how weak you are.

The app was created to promote Brazil’s guaraná-flavored soft drink.

Check out the ad below to see the the app works:

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