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Category: Gadgets

Panasonic’s Steam Mask, Relieves Eye Strain

Written on July 07, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Este ES-SW50 steam mask makes use of steam to relieve eye fatigue cause by prolonged computer use

Around the world, people rely on computers to do their daily tasks. People can’t help but to stare at their monitors the whole day and experience fatigue.

Dry and weary eyes used to be relieved by just applying eye drops. Thanks to Panasonic, they have designed a product that rejuvenates tired eyes. The is a portable that makes use of to refresh the eyes, relieving the user of eye strain.

The Este is powered by rechargeable batteries, that can only run up to 12 minutes on a single charge. Panasonic is set to launch this product in Japan this September. However it is still unclear if this will be launched internationally.

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