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Alarm Clock Needs Passcode To Turn It Off

Written on July 09, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Ramos Alarm Clock, was created to encourage sleepers to move away from their beds and wake up

New York City-based engineer , has designed an that requires a passcode to turn it off, instead of a conventional button.

The , discourages people from oversleeping. The Ramos, can  be only turned off by entering a passcode on a panel. The wireless panel can be placed as far as 50 ft. away or 100 ft for the long-range version. The passcode can either be a random four-digit number displayed on the clock itself (the time of alarm) or the date of alarm.

Sammut suggests placing the keypad panel in the bathroom or the kitchen, so that snoozers don’t fall back to sleep easily, by moving away from their beds.

It is available in three designs, with the following prices: LED ($200), Nixie ($350) and Custom ($800). It can be pre-ordered via the website Ramos.Com. Shipping is expected to begin this September.

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