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Youtube Adds Face Blurring Option To Video Posts

Written on July 22, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Youtube's face blurring option is the perfect way to remain anonymous

If you’re a person who loves capturing special moments of your life in videos and at the same time you wish to guard your privacy, then ’s new is the perfect answer to your wish.

To blur faces in your videos, all you have to do is click on your YouTube user ID and select the link for the Video Manager. Look for the video you wish to alter and click the edit button and then the Enhancements tab. Their are different standard editing options available, but if you select Additional Features, you can see the blurring all faces option. Before you publish the blurred version, you can see a preview of what your video looks like, unblurred. You also have the option to delete the original unblurred video.

The blurring feature is not that perfect, so if subjects with blurred images turns their head, you can still get a glimpse of their faces. You can choose to edit your video with another video editor.

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