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Device Attaches a PSP Game Controller to Your Smartphones [Video]

Written on August 10, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The GameKlip is a device that allows a PSP game controller to be mounted to your smartphones, turning it to a portable game console

Avid gamers can now turn their to a portable game console with the help of a called .

GameKlip is a device that was developed by University of Washington student, Ryan French. It is made of ABS plastic. It easily snaps onto a , allowing it be connected to Android smartphones.

Each GameKlip is laser cut and thermoformed to a Playstation game controller. Specific Gameklips are made to fit to to a specific phone model.

With the help of the app Sixaxis Controller, gamers can connect your game controller, wirelessly, giving them a native analog input, emulating touch and hardware controls. The app can also check if your phone is compatible for wireless connections, before you order the wireless version of GameKlip ($15). However, a wired version ($23) is also available.

Check out GameKlip’s promo video below:

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