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Volvo’s iOS App Transforms An iPad to An X-Ray Scanner [Video]

Written on August 13, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Volvo's new app for iOS, allows iPads and iPhones to be turned to a handheld X-Ray scanner, lets users get a full 360° view of their new new V40 model

Car maker Volvo has recently unveiled their own x-ray app at the Geneva Auto Show. The app turns your regular iPhones and iPads into a into a handheld x-ray scanner, allowing users to get a a full 360° x-ray view of their new V40 car model.

The app was created by the digital agency, La Comunidad Miami. It makes use of that enables your device to to read markers that are placed all over the car and see what’s beneath the car’s skin.

The launching of the app was a huge success. The app will be used by Volvo dealers and different auto shows, around the world.

Check out how this innovative technology works in the video below:

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