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Digital Bracelet Alerts Medical Staff If They Need To Wash Their Hands

Written on August 16, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Digital bracelet has a led light that alerts the worker when hands are not washed properly

Israeli company , has created a system to reduce healthcare risks around hospitals and practices. They have created a hand control solutions consisting of bracelets, sensors and transmitter embedded soap and hand sanitizer dispensers that help detect proper hand .

The hygiene system is connected to a wireless network where data can be downloaded to the Hyginex server to be analyzed. managers can get access of data containing detailed reports, enabling them to track hand hygiene compliance in the workplace.

Based on a report by CDC, over 1.7 million healthcare acquired infections (HCAI) per year, that are responsible for approximately 90,000 deaths and a cost of over $30 billion to US hospitals.

The company was founded by , after his uncle passed away from hospital contracted infection. He believes that his system can save lives and reduce healthcare expenses in medical practices.

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