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Category: Technology

Chinese Car Maker Creates a Remote Controlled Sedan [Video]

Written on August 28, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Su Rui is a life size, remote controlled car, created by Chinese carmaker, BYD Auto

BYT Auto, a maker based in , has manufactured a remote-controlled family sedan, called . The , which can seat five passengers can also be controlled from inside and even outside the .

The Su Rui is a road legitimate, full sized car. The remote control gives the car owners the ability to start and stop the car, allowing it to move forward, backward, turn left or right and travel at a restricted speed of 2 km/hr, without the driver inside the . The car can only be controlled within the range of 33 feet.

The car maker believes that the car is a perfect solution to drivers who don’t like their fetch their cars themselves during summer or winter, avoiding them to freeze or get scorched by the sun.

The Su Rui retails within the price range of $10,365 to $15,710.

Check out the Su Rui in the video below:

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