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Device Charges Smartphones Through Pedal Power

Written on August 30, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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EcoXPower makes use of pedal power to light up a headlamp and tail light and charge your smartphones at the same time

Online Store, EcoXGear offers its customers an innovative device called , a Pedal Powered Headlight and, GPS and Mobile Device Charger.

This unique device is a attachment that is designed to fit and mounted to the hub of the ’s front . Once the rider hits the pedals, it generates power and simultaneously lights up a headlamp and tail light, and charges a smartphone or GPS device.

It also features a Water resistant EVA case that can be mounted to the ’s handlebars. It holds your smartphone or gps Device for use & to be charged through it USB adapter cable.

The device conveniently works with all kinds of iPhones, , Windows, Blackberry and MP3 USB devices. Riders will now have the ability to easily navigate their way using their gadgets, without draining their battery.

The EcoXPower can be purchased online through the EcoXGear Store for $99.99.

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