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Unlock Your Smartphones Using Vein Authentication

Written on September 04, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Japanese mobile network Softbank Mobile uses vein authentication to secure your smartphones

The usual lock for smartphones requires the owners to enter a passcode or a pattern to protect it from misuse. However, such options are easily bypassed. Japanese mobile network , has come up with a better solution to protect your smartphones, using .

Softbank together with Co. Ltd has figured a way to authenticate the vein without the need of a vein sensor. All you need is your ’s camera, your veins and an .

With the combination of a special software and and the smartphone’s built-in camera, veins can be detected in visible light, giving it the ability to detect the vein pattern. The app can also check the palm pattern.

Each person’s hand veins has a unique pattern that can’t be easily copied. This added feature really improves the phone’s security.

Softbank is said to introduce this app at the last quarter of 2012. It is not certain if this app is exclusive to Softbank phones or available to all app stores.

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