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Keyboard Features a Built-in Screen for Faster Typing [Video]

Written on September 05, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Smartype keyboard help users to improve accuracy by being able to see what they type on its display screen

It’s so hard to type anything without committing any mistakes. Most people glance at the while typing, just to check if their pressing on the right keys. Fortunately, a company has come up with concept that improves a user’s typing skills.

company, Keyview, has created the keyboard. Unlike the regular keyboard, this one features a built-in display screen, so typists can see what they are typing and at the same time, improve typing accuracy and speed. It aims to let people focus on typing and promises to minimize eye and neck strain.

Keyview will soon release a Smartype keyboard that is loaded with a Facebook and Twitter app. It is now available in Israel and can now be pre-ordered online.

Check out the Smartype in the video below:

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