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Concrete Stand Serves As a Laptop Cooling Pad

Written on September 11, 2012 by Lulu

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"Foundation" concrete laptop stand keeps laptop from overheating

Canada-based designer, , has created a unique gadget that is made of and serves as a stand and cooling pad.

The “” laptop stand is made of unfinished concrete slab. It can be used to hold a thirteen inch MacBook and has a space underneath to store an iPod, smartphone or external hard-drive.

Since it is made of concrete, your laptop will remain cool and overheating is avoided.

Papove talks about his and said:

“Foundation is a laptop stand that addresses the of objects. As our lives become increasingly mobile, so do our belongings. The has become a very portable object, going from home to work, to the cafe, and anywhere in between.”

“This laptop stand acts as a dedicated place to keep your computer within your home. It takes inspiration from housing foundations and is created by using formwork similar to full-scale housing construction.”

There is no word yet on the price and the availability of this product.

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