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Category: Technology

GPS Embedded Shoe Lights Up To Show Direction to Wearer

Written on September 19, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The "No Place Like Home" shoes features LED lights that light up in the direction of the wearer needs to go.

British inventor, has designed a unique pair of that is embedded with a receiver and lights up to show the direction where the wearer wants to go. The shoe was created in collaboration with interactive technologist, Becky Stewart.

The concept shoe is called “”. It features a circle of LED lights that flash to show the way to the wearer. It also has a mapping software and a USB cable. The GPS is embedded in the heal and can be activated by a “heal click”.

All the wearer has to do is plot your preferred direction and upload the data to the shoe’s USB.

The shoe is powered by a battery similar to those used in cellphones.

Check out how this GPS enabled shoe works in the video below:

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