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Mind-Controlled Cat Tails Created by a Japanese Company [Video]

Written on September 24, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Neurowear's Shippo, a mind-controlled cat tail, is able to read the wearer's emotions and wags depending on your mood

After releasing a brain-wave controlled cat ears, Japanese company, has created a cute, mind-controlled to pair it with.

The wacky cat tail is called . It wags according to the wearer’s moods and emotions. The tail depends on your heartbeats and brainwaves. It moves from side to side or top to bottom at different intensities.

The feline accessory connects to an app that records your mood and shares it through your social network account. Cat tail wearers can check if other people are wearing Shippo through an online database.

Check out the promo video for Shippo in the video below:

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