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Weird Looking Pillow Lets You Sleep Anywhere Without Showing Your Face [Video]

Written on September 30, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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The Ostrich Pillow has holes for breathing, it covers your face and lets you comfortably sleep anywhere

Website, .com,  now features a project which showcases a weird looking that allows people to anywhere they want to without showing their face. The unique product is called the .

All you have to do is place your head inside the pillow and voila, you can take a nap anywhere you wish, without feeling embarrassed. The pillow covers the face but features a hole for your mouth and nose, so you can breath. There is also other two holes where you could place you’re hand into, in case you rest your head on the table.

The silly looking pillow feels comfortable when worn because it is made of a soft material. It is perfect for commuters and jet setters who wish to take a nap while traveling.

The project is currently seeking funding at Kickstarter. It has almost reached its $70,000 goal with total pledges of $66,684. To purchase, all you need is donate $75.

Check out the Ostrich Pillow in the video below:

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  • Lena Hawkins

    Aside from it making you look weird, its quite alright. Everything about is good to go.

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