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Nissan Concept Car Features A Digital Dashboard [Video]

Written on October 01, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Nissan's concept electric SUV, TeRRA, is free from harmful emissions, its motor is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Japanese car maker, , has unveiled its concept electric SUV, , at the , last week. This environment friendly automobile is a zero-emission SUV, that showcases sleek interiors.

The features three electric motors, one up front and two at the rear, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell stack that boasts of a power density of 2.5kW/L. Its front wheels makes use of the same electric propulsion system found in Nissan LEAF, while its rear wheels features an in- electric motor that provides an all- power to the SUV.

This four-seater SUV has a spacious interior. Its dashboard is unlike anything you see in the usual vehicles. It showcases a dashboard removable digital that serves as the driver’s vehicle instrumentation and infotainment system a.k.a. a high-tech, portable digital dashboard.

Based on Nissan’s press release, the TeRRA is a “purely a concept car” and is not intended for mass production.

Check out the Nissan TeRRA in the video below:

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